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that awkward moment when i didn’t respond to life-intact because there’s literally no point in arguing with someone when they’re not going to change their mind and i’m obviously not going to change my mind and he KEEPS checking my blog. ugh, just stop it. can’t we all live in peace.

Not when you are promoting mutilating children.

i’m not pro-circumcision nor am i pro-intact. get yo facts straight gurl.

Not a girl. Don’t call me “gurl”

You said you will be circumcising your sons if you have them. 

You are planning to mutilate your children for no medical reason. Only because you think it is better, and you are wrong. 

ok, really? firstly, i might not even be able to have children. secondly, i might not have any sons. thirdly, there are studies proving it’s medically beneficial. fourthly, who are you to tell me what is and isn’t wrong? fifthly, why are you harassing me about my potential life choices? why do you care about me and my potential children? that’s fucking weird that you’re even worried about my not yet existent son’s penis. go picket outside a maternity ward if you’re that worried about keeping boys intact, you genital obsessed weirdo.

So are the people who fight against female circumcision obsessed with baby vulva?

I will worry about all children’s rights. Just because they are yours, doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want to them. We arrest people for hurting their children. Genital integrity is a human right.

And most intactivists keep arguing with you about this, because you have people who follow you for answers and medical information. 

and if there were any fucking honest truth behind circumcision having a medical reason, then why is the MAJORITY of the world uncut? 

Circumcision rates have been dropping over the last 20 years. Because people realize it’s a stupid fucking procedure. But NO child should have their genitals mutilated. (any potential benifits don’t even fucking matter until the child is old enough to have sex, at which time they can probably make a good choice for themselves) 

but you want to know what’s funny about this? i’m still going to (legally) circumcise my sons :) call it child abuse, genital mutilation, say there’s no medical benefits, harass me allllll you want, i’m still going to do it because it is my parental right to do what i think is best for my children.

i simply don’t understand why you don’t take your disdain for circumcision to a more productive forum like um, the government, cause spewing your bullshit on tumblr is doing a wholllleeeee lotta nothing.

if you want to educate people on the benefits of circumcision, be my guest! i support parental education. what i do not support is parental shaming and what you’re doing is the latter.

Also, if you don’t want to be talked to about these things, Stop tagging your shit. WHEN YOU TAG IT, WE SEE IT. and we don’t back down when human rights are on the line.

And yes, talkign about it on tumblr is doing something. When I joined Tumblr I didn’t know shit about circumcision.  

You once said how 117 deaths from RIC “wasn’t really very significant” I’d like to tell you that is the same amount of death from SIDS which we all get informed about. 

And you go tell those 234 parents that the death of their child is “insignificant” 

You don’t deserve to have children. 

It’s not your “parental right” to do whatever the fuck you want with your children. They are NOT playthings. 

i tag my posts with the subjects they pertain to, and i’m not about to stop just cause some of y’all don’t like what i have to say.

117 deaths from RIC is not a significant FIGURE and i stand by that.

100 deaths a year from SIDS? REALLY? cause the number is more like 2500+ deaths per year from SIDS. AT LEAST get your facts straight.

each death of a loved one is significant to the person experiencing the loss, but the figure of RIC deaths isn’t significant in and of itself.

i don’t deserve to have children? lololol awe, well that’s too damn bad for you now isn’t it, because your words have zero effect on my plans to reproduce :)

and i said it’s my parental right to do what i think is best for my children. don’t misquote me :)

And you’re telling me to get my facts straight. Here look at this.

The study found that approximately 117 neonatal (first 28 days after birth) circumcision-related deaths occur annually in the United States, one out of every 77 male neonatal deaths. 

To put this in perspective, about 44 neonatal boys die each year from suffocation, and 8 from auto accidents. About 115 boys die annually from SIDS, nearly the same as from circumcision during the same neonatal period (first 28 days from birth).”

If you can honestly sit here and look at all of the facts AGAINST you, and say you still want to do this purely cosmetic procedure to a non-consenting child, You aren’t using your parental rights, you are being a stubborn little asshole who doesn’t want to admit they are wrong, and are going to go so far as to MUTILATE Your might be children because you won’t admit you are wrong.

And if you are going to put your child through this, with all of the facts against you, not only do you not deserve to have children, but you are a shitty human being. 

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