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I hate it when people pierce their infant children’s ears. Seriously, at least wait until the kid can form a coherent sentence before you decide they consent to having holes poked in them.

Don’t even get me started on circumcision, god.

I was at the mall a few weeks ago, and walking by that little ear piercing stand, I saw a little girl who was probably four, maybe five. She had her hands over her ears and was crying and shaking her head “no” and even saying no. And her mom was saying “you want this, you want this” and she just kept crying. 

The women working there were holding those stupid unsanitary guns just waiting, Like they deal with this all the time

And I was just like, She obviously doesn’t want that. You are directly telling her that her protest don’t matter. Because what you want is more important. 

And I think this is one of the shittiest things to teach your kids. 

You are teaching her that even if she doesn’t want something to happen to her body, what you want is more important. 

What you teach your kids doesn’t just go away as they grow up. You are sitting there grooming her to accept abusive relationships and abuse, and you don’t even know it. 

I went up and talked to the chicks there, about the sanity of piercing guns. (which any professional piercer will tell you never to use, and considering these chicks barely have any training what so ever, they are not professionals) Trying to get the lady to over hear me that they were at least doing something wrong. (I honestly figured if she would maybe take the kid to a professional they would talk her out of it) and the chicks were like, “no it’s sanitary” and just talking to me because I wouldn’t leave, just putting up with me. The mother didn’t hear me and that made me sad. I still have no idea if she got them pierced. 

Piercing a child’s ears before they are two young to take care of them themselves is wrong. This coming from someone who had their ears pierced as a toddler, and ripped them out because I didn’t like them. I got them re-pierced at like nine, because I wanted them. 

And sometimes I think about my parents pierced my ears as a baby, and it makes me mad. It makes me mad they they would alter my body for what they wanted, rather than what I wanted. 

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    I also got my ears pierced as a baby, and it got infected like woah, and it ended up being a lot of grief for me, so...
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    First, to the people who have mentioned circumcision is worse— YES! Absolutely, that’s why I said “don’t get me started...
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    My mom pierced my ears as a baby because I didn’t have hair and people thought I was a boy. I have three additional ear...
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    Seriously, pierced ears are a pain anyways. I got mine pierced at 18 and let them close up after like a month. They’re...
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    They’re on different levels but neither are quite right. Your kid cannot consent. You’re causing pain to your child, and...
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    I dunno, piercing your ears and circumcision are very different. Your ears can heal and it’s not really too much of an...
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    I was at the mall a few weeks ago, and walking by that little ear piercing stand, I saw a little girl who was probably...
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