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So, A while ago I got into an argument with someone over circumcision. They said

but you want to know what’s funny about this? i’m still going to (legally) circumcise my sons :) call it child abuse, genital mutilation, say there’s no medical benefits, harass me allllll you want, i’m still going to do it because it is my parental right to do what i think is best for my children.

where this came from.

And I’ve honestly been thinking about this for quite a while, because I can’t honestly comprehend how she didn’t see how problematic this line of thinking is?

She also says things like

"This stuff isn’t just my opinion like many of these moms are claiming, it is a straight up undeniable FACT and if they choose to ignore it that is blatantly irresponsible." and "How do you think information will be spread to stop things like infant death if we don’t talk about them? How will anyone avoid such atrocities if y’all keep stuff like this hush hush? The reality is that shit like this happens and by saying “oh it’s just different styles of parenting” is allowing these things to go on without anyone putting a stop to it. THAT is sick to me."

This is just amazingly hypocritical. 

(a note: I’m not making comparisons in this, just drawing from flaws in logic and holes in arguments)

Parents do what they "think" is best for their children all the time, and they are wrong. Some parents think that hitting or slapping their children is what is best for them. Some parents think that molesting their children is what is best for them.(yes people think this). and some people think that cutting off a perfectly healthy part of your baby is what is best for them

(to a less extreme extent) Some parentsthink that co-sleeping is what is best, some parents think that it’s best to cover their newborns with loose blankets. and these are things that this person has spoken out against, and said that they aren’t okay to do, because they danger your baby. (hint- so does circumcision) 

So, which of these are “parenting choices” and which are just completely wrong?

She has said she is “pro do what ever the fuck you want” and I really don’t understand how ANYONE misses how problematic this argument is. 

Also, on the legality issue. Yes, circumcision is legal. Does that make it okay? No. 

Before a law can change, there has to be a social change. Most people don’t understand that circumcision is a problem, and they just let it happen because it’s the norm. Well you know what else used to be legal, and was just let happen because it was the norm?

Female circumcision - legal until 1997. Was it a “parenting choice” before then?(x)

Raping your wife - legal until 1993.

Foot binding. 


Kidnapping children from unwed mothers, and placing them up for adoption. 

Non-consensual sterilization. 

Were all these things okay back when they were legal? Here’s a hint, no they weren’t. 

Legality does not equal what is right.

On a different note, a child cannot consent to a medical procedure. Does this mean that ALL procedures done a child are wrong? No. But it does mean that if the medial procedure is unnecessary (such as almost all circumcisions are) they it can and should wait until the child is old enough to make the choice for themselves.(and even if they do ever need a circumcision, it won’t be necessary till adulthood anyway, and there are methods to fix problems that might need a circumcision that don’t involve surgery) A circumcision is not a life saving procedure, like a appendectomy is. It doesn’t make your life better, like a tonsillectomy might. It is a cosmetic procedure, that 117 neonatal infants in the US die from each year. These are completely unnecessary deaths. 

While I’m at this, The original purpose of male circumcision was to limit male sexuality, and reduce pleasure and masturbation. 

This isn’t a choice for you to make for someone else. It is their penis. Not yours. I don’t care if you think it “looks better” your child might feel differently about that. Your child might want an intact penis. (and if they want a circumcision they can still get one as an adult, when it is a safer procedure anyway[On the other-hand restoration can take heard and the whole foreskin will never actually be the way it was intended to be.) and besides, I’m pretty sure you will never be having sex with your child anyway, so it shouldn’t matter a single fucking bit whether you like the way their genitals look. 

(Same goes with ear piercings. You are altering the way your child looks based off what you like, not them. They have every right to make the choice for themselves)

Everyone deserves bodily autonomy. Everyone deserves to have their body they way in was naturally intended to be unless they want to alter it as an adult.

No matter your age or sex. Bodily autonomy is your right. 

Also note, rape culture when you don’t even see it. Teaching a child from birth they they don’t control their own bodies. What you want is more important. (see this post)

And if you are still thinking of circumcising your child here is a fuckton of information. 

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