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[UPDATED] A rundown on transgalacticwanderer/Elissa’s relationship with a minor through screencaps, along with background info and contacts for Outright Vermont.




I have been informed my URL has been forwarded as a resource for Vermont’s tip-line, since I have a lot of screencaps directly from transgalacticwanderer’s/Elissa’s blog. Should you be seeking further evidence, please check herebethereceipts for any I have missed.

So, if you an authority trying to understand the context of the report that has been filed, please follow the “read more” link below. A content warning is in place for nudity, sexualizing a child, and general pedophilic (and evidently exhibitionist) tendencies.

I’ve placed relevant links to threads that screencaps appear from if they serve to give context to this situation.

If you have any additional caps that should be on this list, please message me on Tumblr or email at at ataulfomangos AT gmail DOT com. 

This post was last updated 1/1/2014 to include additional screenshots demonstrating grooming habits.

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It’s important to remember to watch transphobia and misgendering when dealing with trans* people who are doing shitty things. There is a lot of that when dealing with this person, so much so that they* have stated that they wonder if all this “hate” is coming only because they are trans. (it’s not, it’s possibly not even hate, and it’s because they are dating/fucking a minor)

Obviously it’s a cop-out, but we do know as a society we are harder on people who are not straight, white, cis, nurotypical etc. Obviously this deserves to be called out, but lets be clear about WHY we are calling this person out, and not leave any room for misconstruing the information. 

It sets a precedent for misgendering people when they fuck up and I don’t like that. Remember that even fuck ups have the right to have their gender respected.

*I don’t actually know their pronouns besides ‘not male’ I don’t have the mental energy to go through these posts today, I saw this a few days ago. 

four paragraphs about pronouns and nothing about TGW being a kid-diddler

yo guess what: that whole post has consistently used tgw’s preferred pronouns. if you and others are pissed about the phrase “male nudity,” uhhh… i hate to break it to you but penis is not a female organ (otherwise tgw would not need to transition, that is kind of how it works and all) and tgw has shared her username in a room full of minors, knowing full well that she has shitloads of literally masturbatory nudes posted

now do you have anything at all to say about tgw’s absolutely deplorable behavior or are you going to lecture about semantics some more because your priorities are really fucked

first I didn’t actually have a problem with the things that you said, I was making a note at some of the other things I had seen. Some pretty transphobic shit. 

I didn’t think I had anything else to add to what TGW had done because I figured your post had covered it all. 

And I’ll say it again. Being transphobic to trans people who have fucked up sets a precedent for being transphobic because you don’t like someone, they did something you don’t like, you’re not friends with them ect. (I’m not denying this person has fucked us/ is fucked up what ever) 

Do NOT throw trans people under the bus because this trans person is shitty!

And while a warning on a picture of a penis is totally okay to label it male nudity (I don’t know what people are triggered by) It’s transphobic to say that all penis are male! 

Male/female is a socially constructed binary. If a trans woman has a penis and would like not to be labeled male, male bodied, ect, please respect that. 

Also not everyone transitions the same, or even similarly. 

I’m not trying to protect this person, I’m trying to protect the thousands of trans people who can and will be effected by the backlash. 

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